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How to detect account name changed or the hidden account id changed in edit view?

Question asked by Marc Yu on Aug 29, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2014 by Udayakumar Sarangapani
Task:I want to do something when user change the account name in the edit view. (e.g. change a dropdown field options list in the same view.)

As you know user may directly type in the account name and select from auto complete list, or he/she can select account name by click the little arrow button and select account from there. Because of this,  .change, .focusout, and blur all fail to detect the change.

Then i find the correct way should to detect the change of the hidden value "account id". however, when hidden value changes, .change also won't get triggered by default. The solution to change it is to add .trigger('change') after set new value to "account id", however, i don't know where to do it.

could any one help me out? What would be your solution to achieve the task?