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How to use kreports to see which email addresses have opted out of a campaign?

Question asked by Michael Michael on Aug 28, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2014 by christianknoll christianknoll
First, let me say I LOVE Kreports and use it daily.  It's worth the investment!

Now I am trying to stretch it a bit to to show email addresses related to campaign log opt out events

Scenario:  We sent an email campaign using SugarCRM CE 6.5.16. The campaign results report that 147 people opted out.  SugarCRM "Drill Down" doesn't seem to work in this report.  So when looking at the Apache logs, we see that 42 unique requests were made with target=removeme suggesting that we are not getting the true number of people who opted out when receiving the email. 

Kreports to the rescue.  It was easy to create a report that shows email addresses with recent modified date that have "Invalid Address" or "Opted Out" set to true. This may only give part of the story because the modified date may or may not relate to an opt out event and/or not limited to the specific campaign we are thinking about. 

What I'd like to do is use Kreports to view the Campaign Log events that are "Opted Out" (This is easy) and then show the related email address (this is not so easy yet). 

When asking kreports to show email addresses or even leads related to the campaign, the report doesn't know what to do. In fact, I can't get any related field to show when using Kreports to view campaign log values. 

Any ideas on how to show email addresses related to campaign log opt out events? 



P.S. we are using Kreports  v3.0