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How can I set up a hierarchy for Contacts/Leads in 5.0 CE?

Question asked by Sultan Sultan on Aug 28, 2014
I have a contacts list in CSV format. I have imported it into SugarCRM5.0 CE and also add some custom fields in Leads Module. Some of those fields are; Industry, Number of Employees, Revenue, Ownership etc. I want a Hierarchy System for these Leads. Let say Leads are listed by Industry first. Now when I'll click on an industry, another list should there:


When I'll click one of them, another list should be there

Number of Employees 1 to 1000
Number of Employees 1001 to 10000
Number of Employees 10001 to 100000

 and further categorization.
Is it possible to do so. If yes then how can I perform this function?