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New articles published in Knowledge Base!

Discussion created by Alex Nassi Employee on Aug 27, 2014
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Over the last three months, our support team has been hard at work writing and publishing the following Knowledge Base articles. I hope that you are able to find value in these articles and that they help improve your experience using Sugar. These articles are all written by members of our support team, with many more coming!

Installation and Server Management
Installing a Bug Hotfix
Improving On-Site Performance With PHP Caching
Troubleshooting No Zip Support During Upgrade
Disabling InsideView

Configuring "Send As" Permissions With Exchange
Changing Emails’ Character Set
Troubleshooting Sending Limits With Google Mail (Gmail)
Troubleshooting Connecting Sugar to Google Mail (Gmail)
Embedding Images in Emails
Adding an Image to Email Signatures

Studio & Module Builder
Adding Custom Sales Stages and Probabilities to Opportunities 
Understanding Module Loader’s Functions
Making a Field Required or Unrequired
Making a Field Required for Import
Sugar Logic Walkthrough – Tracking a Field's History
Calculated Field – Copying a Field From a Custom Module
Calculated Field – Determining If a Field Is Blank
Adding a Blank (NULL) Value as the First Value of a Dropdown List
Introduction to Relationships and Relate Fields
Creating a Relationship
Creating a Relate Field
Creating a Flex Relate Field
Setting Starting Numbers for Quotes, Cases, and Bugs
Troubleshooting Projects Pup-up Not Respecting Studio Changes

Tracking Last Activity Date
Troubleshooting On-Save Workflows
Making Custom Fields Available in Workflows
Creating an Alert Email Template for Workflows

Creating a Simple Logic Hook
Making a Subpanel or List View Field Clickable

Enabling SugarCRM Mobile for Offline Access
Editing Layouts for SugarCRM Mobile
Using Filters With SugarCRM Mobile
Changing the Login Credentials for Sugar Mobile Plus Server

Performing a Mail Merge With the Sugar Word Plug-in
Understanding Plug-ins and Custom Fields

Troubleshooting Feed Refresh In External Calendars
Viewing Other Users’ Calendars

Target Lists
Populating a Target List
Populating Target Lists From Large Reports

Other Goodies
Troubleshooting Database Errors
Using Import to Find Duplicates Across Modules
Assigning All New Records to the Global Team
Uploading Contract Documents