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Extremely slow interface

Question asked by wegedapuga wegedapuga on Aug 26, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2015 by michaelc michaelc
The new interface of SugarCRM 7 very beautiful and comfortable. There is no doubt!
  But after the real work creates a negative impression. Slow work.
  We bought a new server hardware: 1 server for MySQL, 1 for ElasticSearch, 1 for ZendServer.
  We have set up php as cgi-bin fast.
  We configured the accelerator php code with a huge cache(1024mb): Zend Optimizer Plus.
  We have improved the work of class FilterApi: in method runQuery changed code,
  now we not use Sugar ORM, instead fill the data manually.
  Next, we have armed profilers: Zend Studio and Zend Z-RAY (new technology).
  Generate table entries become executed within 100ms. Before: 2s.
  But joy is not added!!!
  Despite the rapid operation of the server the client is running slowly.
  The client is a browser.
  You can tell that still blame the server. But no! We are armed with the debugger, profilers and sniffer.
  Server is running fast! The client(browser) is not!
  We test last versions of Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer. All browser work slow!
  In a table with 50 entries. And it is loaded by the browser 5 seconds! WHOLE 5 SECONDS! This is a very long time!
  Yes, reducing the records on the page gives an increase in speed, but we were not comfortable.
  How can we speed up the interface?! Particularly interested in the table of entries!
  We tested all of our actions on versions 7.2.1 and enterprise.