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SugarCRM as XRM

Question asked by deivkk deivkk on Aug 26, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2014 by Martin Schneider
We are looking for different alternatives to build an application that basically manages relationships between entities. These entities come from a completely different domain than customer management. The potential clients of this application maybe share the 50% of the same domain model but the rest is very customer-dependant.

This made us think that a metadata driven architecture would fit very well for covering these requirements. It seems clear that we need a XRM. We do like how SugarCRM manages the relationships and the many extra functionality around it, but there isn't too much information about this case. Microsoft Dynamics is pushing hard towards this strategy but it is hard to find information about the same approach here.

The questions are: how mature is SugarCRM for building an application over a custom model? and how feasible is removing (not only hidding) any other trace from the default model that contains Customers,Campaigns, etc?