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Uninstalled module being defaulted and referenced

Question asked by Wayne Wayne on Aug 25, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2014 by Wayne Wayne
6.7.5 PRO On-Demand

Hi all,

I've had to remove a custom built module using module builder as I'd selected the wrong type when creating the module. However, it appears that the uninstall has not fully completed as I'm finding references to the uninstalled module everywhere.

This is what reads after I try to repair:

There are also references to the deleted modules in the DISPLAY MODULES AND SUBPANELS area. 

Furthermore, I can't create records in the new module as sugar defaults to the old deleted module (layout etc)?

This really shouldn't be happening (..who designed this?!!) How can I completely delete the obsolete modules without accessing code (as an On-Demand customer)?

I'm going to recreate the same package but rename everything so that there are no conflicts.

Thanks in advance. Peace!