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Datetime format not working in detailsView

Question asked by gperez gperez on Aug 22, 2014
Latest reply on May 31, 2015 by Daniel Blanco
I'm running Sugar CE 6.5.16

For a mysterious reason, the DetailsView is not formatting my DateTime fields anymore.

I just can tell that since a couple of weeks I'm using logic hooks to preserve dates from being modified by user's TimeZone. But even disabling that new hooks the dates still shows with no format (database format let's say) in DetailsView. For EditView it works as expected.

What could it be? I don't see anything wrong in detailsviewdefs & editviewdefs. Actually both files looks the same.

There's no dates convertion in view.detail.php & edit.detail.php either. And if I print $this->bean->check_in_datetime_c in preDisplay() or display() methods, things goes well in view.edit but date is unformated in view.detail :(

Any clue?