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How to execute a json_decode with big numbers?

Question asked by Pedro Bazan on Aug 22, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2014 by Pedro Bazan
Hi Guys.

I have a integration and I get information through an API, however the information that I get has "IDs" with 16 digits. When I execute the json_decode function to convert the json text to an object the function does not support these data.

I found that in PHP 5.4 is already solved this problem, but Sugar On Demand works with PHP 5.3.25.

An example of the json text that I get is the next:

[{"id":1678140192909188,"name":"ANTARES","accessLevel":"ADMIN"},{"id":7570362876618628,"name":"BAJA RACK","accessLevel":"ADMIN"}]
How do I deal with this issue?

Kind regards.