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How to trigger redraw of whole web page on after_relationship_delete?

Question asked by Przemysław Lib on Aug 22, 2014
I'm using simple _SESION based flash messages for situation where I have one main object and few related one, where related objects as WHOLE must pass some condition.

So when new related object is added, deleted or modified, I need to recalculate condition(s), and print nice looking div with proper message so User know what to do.

after_save on related object + after_ui_frame on main object work OK.

But Sugar insist on handling "remove" in subpanel through Ajax....

And "Create" button do not trigger after_ui_frame

I added after_relation_* logic hooks and they compute conditions OK (I log results to the file).

But messages with do not end up rendered to the detailview of main object.

PS(I did disable AjaxUI for every module in Sugar. But "remove" is still just AJAX call)