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How to not let users create an Account, Opportunity, or Contact without a conversion process from a lead?

Question asked by Rebecca Rebecca on Aug 20, 2014
We do not want salespeople to be able to click "Create Opportunity" in the drop down under Leads in the navigation bar or within the module.

We only want an Opportunity created when clicking on a Lead record and then clicking "Convert" so that an Account and a Contact record is being made as well (we made these steps in the conversion process required). If we let people create only an Opportunity then they have the option of never putting in a Lead, Account or Contact that is associated to it, which is what we are trying to avoid.

We want to do the same for Accounts and Contacts as well.

Any suggestions on how to take out the "Create Opportunity" in the navigation bar drop down and within the module?

I am using Sugar Professional v7.2.2.0

Thanks in advance,
Rebecca Randall