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Emails subpanel is grayed out for users

Question asked by SugarRayRick SugarRayRick on Aug 21, 2014

Using SugarCRM Professional, Version 7.2.0 (Build 1226)

When I log in as an admin and look up any account, the Emails subpanel of the Accounts module shows any emails that were sent.  When I log in as a regular user, though, the subpanel is grayed out with no data available.  Seems pretty straightforward as a rights issue, right?  I went to the roles editor and filled in every right imaginable for the row called EMAILS.  No luck.  I added rights to the other ones that mentioned email (Email Templates, Email Marketing, Scheduled Emails) but still no luck.  Does anyone know which right controls the Emails subpanel?

Oh, I do hope it is a right and not something that requires editing the php files. We can't do that.