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SugarCRM 7.2.2 contacts record view APIs for meetings and all_tasks fail

Question asked by Francesca Shiekh on Aug 20, 2014
In SugarCRM 7.2.2 with customizations and stock test data

When loading a Contact record view I get a couple of fatal errors like this one:

FATAL[2014-8-20 21:17:41]: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'url' of undefined at https://<myserver>/sugarcrm/cache/include/javascript/sugar_sidecar.min.js?v=xYtf58Kn528n7grM1GUTsQ on line 2942

The fatal error seems associated to SugarCRM trying to tell me about the error but not being able to process the error message and appears to occur when error.js line 464 executes the self.handleUnhandledError(mesg, url, line):

In each case the failure is preceded by a 500 error on one of the following api calls to retrieve meetings or all_tasks:



When I execute each of these api calls directly (cut and paste into my browser) I get:

{"error":"need_login","error_message":"No valid authentication for user."}

I am logged in as Admin, it loads the record, so what's it complaining about?