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Use team in Sugar 7.2 to check login user and then apply validation on fields

Question asked by KD KD on Aug 19, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2014 by KD KD
Hello ,

I am trying  to make a field mandatory in Account Module  if login user is in Team(which is created using Team module of SugarCRM), Now, in 6.7.5 I have achieved it using code below in view.edit.php

$validation_js =  <<<JS   <script type="text/javascript">   
   var teamTEST="$teamTEST" ; 
Where $teamTEST" ; contain the team members

Now, I really do not know in which file I should use above code in 7.2 (i.e to use php to get the team members and then check the  login user with team member , and if  login user exists in the team then use java script code to make field mandatory i.e. apply validation on it).

So, please Advise in which file or files  I can do this.