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Sugar Pro 7.2.0 Home dashboards to another pro 7.2.0 instance

Question asked by Gaelle Fernandez on Aug 19, 2014
Hello Sugarers!

I have a simple question, but a big difficulty:

My customer created custom Home Dashboards through the API (using standard Sugar), on a 7.2.0 Pro instance.
Now, we are doing some datas cleaning, but he does want the dashboards back
So, i've dumped the table dashboards and i have imported through PHPMyadmin.
The dashboards are viewable via the Sugar logo on top menu.

BUT, when we click on one dashboard, this last one appears with the dashlets for like 2seconds and then redirect on a 404 error page.

Did i miss something? Like, maybe there are files in the cache folder?

Please, please Help me!

Have a nice day,