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Converting multiple leads to same account and opportunity?

Question asked by Rebecca Rebecca on Aug 20, 2014
I want to be able to convert multiple leads to one Account and Opportunity efficiently. For example, if I have 2 leads, I want there to be 2 contacts, 1 account, and 1 opportunity when I convert.

I know I can convert both leads separately and the second conversion should suggest the already created Account and Opportunity... this just would talk a lot of time if I had 20 leads that I want all to be Contacts for one Opportunity and Account.

I just want to be sure there is not a more efficient way to do this. Wish there was a way to link lead records to each other so you could convert them at the same time creating 2 contacts but 1 account and 1 opportunity but I know that is not possible.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,