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DiscoverOrg Database Integration Not Working

Question asked by huntsty huntsty on Aug 18, 2014
I'm using SugarCRM v. Professional Edition and for some reason I can get the Sugar Connector to work with DiscoverOrg Database.

It says in order to generate the sugar endpoint, add: "“/soap.php?wsdl” to the end of your URL, which I have done. ->

Then I enter my log in credentials and it says it works: "Credentials validated and saved on ....."
But when I go back to the main DiscoverOrg platform platform and try to add a contact via the little SugarCRM connector button, I get an error message that reads "undefined Upload: HTTP failure. Upload/update failed due to a network error" (pic attached).
Does anyone have insight on this? I've contacted the DiscoverOrg support team and they said its an issue with sugar.