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Questions about features and logic hacks in 6.5.17 CE

Question asked by Anil Purushothaman on Aug 18, 2014
I'm a newbie at SugarCRM, had been using VTigerCRM for long but due to some reasons (a server change and upgrade) I am evaluating SugarCRM as the next. I have a few features in specific -
1. A web to lead form : I found it working pretty good here
2. workflow for email : Emails are working here but I do not know how I can schedule an email to be sent to the lead email address when a lead is generated (through web lead form or otherwise).
3. SMS integration: Is there anything working available for CE edition? I tried sms_system3.2 from indev, it looked good and installed successfully, but i do not see it working, how do I send messages now? I dont see any buttons or menu option.
4. Newsletters : I have seen that newsletter feature is there but dont know how good it is, in the light of paid versions of mailchimp integrations available.

Can anyone suggest me how to go about all this?