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Products created by Quotes not filling in default values from Product Catalog

Question asked by lsackett on Aug 15, 2014
In version 6.7.6, I've added some fields (via Studio) to both the Products and Products Catalog modules, with the fields being the same in both. The fields have default values set in the Catalog which are pre-populated when you create a Product and select from the Catalog. This works as it should.

However, when creating a Quote and adding Products as line items, the default values for these fields are not pre-populated as they should be. When you go to view the product, the custom field is blank where it should have received the default value from the Catalog. But, the default fields like Cost that show up in the Quotes line items are filled in with their default value.
It seems that the custom fields are not being pre-populated because they do not show up in the line item while creating a Quote.

Is there any way to get these custom fields to auto-fill their default values when creating a Quote?
And it is my understanding that customizing which fields are displayed in the line items for a Quote is not possible in Studio, is that correct?