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Saving record in Quick Create form intermittently gives error message about leaving the page without saving changes

Question asked by Egor Ushakov on Aug 14, 2014

There are two custom modules related with one-to-many relationship. While saving new record in child module’s subpanel quick create form I receive notification about leaving the record without saving changes and after clicking “OK-to-leave-the-page-without-saving” button Sugar actually saves child record and redirects to its DetailView.

I faced with this issue for the first time while being logged as Regular User. I tried to re-log in as admin and the issue disappeared. OK, I decided that there is some problem with Role Management and put off finding solution for a couple of days. But when I returned to the problem I found that the issue is reproduced under admin account as well.

Then I noticed that the issue appears while logged in Russian language environment. So I thought that the problem should be in some missing language strings. But in a few moments I found out that the issue appears in English environment as well.

OMG! The most interesting thing I found is that sometimes it appears in any browsers and sometimes I can for instance properly save new record in child module in Chrome and Firefox, but notification is thrown exactly the same time in Safari!  

sugarcrm.log gives no any useful information in any log level settings. JS console in any browsers gives no errors, warnings, etc. What is the most annoying thing is that the issue may arise randomly.

Please give some ideas about directions of solving the problem if any.