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Quick create view doesn't auto-complete fields in 6.5

Question asked by EdLeger on Aug 13, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2014 by EdLeger
I have a probleme with the Quick create view (including the quick create form from an email) with my 6.5 Sugarcrm Pro :
  It's ok the 1st time i quick create (a contact, a task, a case,
anything works) : the fields can auto-complete when I start writing (like the field "account" for a contact)
- I don't reload/refresh the page
- Starting the second time, the fields don't auto-complete (an AJAX/Javascript problem?)

I searched for it but I was only able to find old unanswered topics.
I found also issue #63265 (
  that refers to the same problem. The issue is marked
"Fixed/Implemented" but it doesn't say how to do it or which release
fixes the problem.

Any help please ?