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How can I create a more inclusive layout?

Question asked by Glenn Nyhan on Aug 12, 2014
I am new to SugarCRM. I have been using FileMaker Pro for lead generation/telebusiness which has worked well, but have now had to move to SugarCRM. One of the things that I really like about creating a layout in FileMaker Pro was that I had the flexibility to create a sort of all in one layout which made prospecting very efficient, and creating layouts and fields in FileMaker Pro was easy. What I mean by this is that I was able to create a layout that showed all the information I needed to make a call without the necessity of drilling down, as I have to do now in SugarCRM. The layout I created in FileMaker Pro contained the following fields - All prospect contact info; first name, last name company name, address info, telephone number, fields for first call date and last call date, a field for call result such as Call Back, Wrong Number, Phone Appointment, Send Information Follow-up Needed etc. along with Call Notes and call count (number of times a prospect was called). That layout made it very easy for me to go from record to record, as well as filtering by call result, and place calls in the a swift manner which is critical in churning through a lot of records in a short amount of time to uncover the most amount of leads. The way my company currently has SugarCRM set up no such layout is available and that hamstrings me from working rapidly through my contacts. I have a lot of experience with and know you can create layouts/views in it, without being a programmer.Is it possible to create a layout of the nature mentioned about in SugarCRM without being a developer?