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Assistance with Sugar Logic concatenation calculation

Question asked by cdmeehan135 cdmeehan135 on Aug 11, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2014 by cdmeehan135 cdmeehan135
Please help!  I'm trying to create a customer case number field that will take the existing case number and add a one letter and one number code depending on which relate field is selected.  So if the existing case number is 84 and it is related to Fund 1 the new custom case number will be 84 F1.  I am having trouble getting my formula correct.  Below is what I have but I keep receiving an error that says "F1: Syntax Error, no open parentheses found"

concat($case_number,ifElse(equal($fund_c,"Fund 1"),F1,ifElse(equal($fund_c,"Fund 2"),F2,ifElse(equal($fund_c,"Fund 3"),F3,ifElse(equal($fund_c,"Fund 4"),F4,0