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Versions 7.2.2 and 6.7.6 released!

Discussion created by Alex Nassi Employee on Aug 8, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2014 by Christopher Grenness
We have officially released versions 7.2.2 and 6.7.6 for all of our commercial editions. The 7.2.2 release is available to download for On-Site customers and is being applied to On-Demand instances running an earlier version of Sugar releases 7.x or 6.7.x. Automatic upgrades from 6.7.x to 6.7.6 have already begun and automatic upgrades to 7.2.2 will begin shortly. 

For 7.x instances, this release addresses bugs identified in prior releases, introduces new functionality, and enhances existing functionality. Information on fixed bugs and functionality changes can be found in our 7.2.2 release notes: 

Ultimate 7.2.2 Release Notes
Enterprise 7.2.2 Release Notes
Corporate 7.2.2 Release Notes
Professional 7.2.2 Release Notes

Those upgrading from 6.7.x to 7.2.2 will receive further communication shortly regarding their automatic upgrades. An upgrade to 6.7.6 will be required prior to upgrading to 7.2.2. 

For 6.7.x instances, 6.7.6 will address bugs identified in prior releases. Information on fixed bugs can be found in our 6.7.6 release notes: 

Ultimate 6.7.6 Release Notes
Enterprise 6.7.6 Release Notes
Corporate 6.7.6 Release Notes
Professional 6.7.6 Release Notes

Customers hosting Sugar on their own servers and running 7.x versions of Sugar can review the following installation and upgrade instructions: 

Ultimate 7.2 Installation and Upgrade Guide
Enterprise 7.2 Installation and Upgrade Guide
Corporate 7.2 Installation and Upgrade Guide
Professional 7.2 Installation and Upgrade Guide

Please visit the Supported Platforms page for a complete list of supported configurations.

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