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Any suggestions for free modules for Teams, Photos, and Reports on CE?

Question asked by Ramon Hernandez on Aug 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2016 by Yulia Severina
I am using SugarCRM Community Edition version 6.5.17 (Build 1220)  and I would like to know if there are free versions of a Teams Modules, Reports Module, and Profile Picture module (mainly for contacts/users).

I realize that these features are included in the paid versions of SugarCRM but at the moment purchasing these versions is out of the question. 

I have tried using the CE Teams module from SugarForge, but it wouldn't properly install (many bugs) and it was not upgrade safe (modified core files, did not remove installed files when module was uninstalled) causing many errors when removed.

I know of kReporter but have not had the chance to try it out. 

Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. At the moment I am unfamiliar with PHP coding so creating these modules myself is out of the question, and I am currently using the Studio or Module Builder to make some customizations to my SugarCRM environment.