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How to set a date field when the user changes the value of a dropdown?

Question asked by Grant Christensen on Aug 5, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2018 by Joe McCormick
Sugar Professional 7.2.  I would like to have a custom date field in the opportunity "pipeline_updated_c" be set to today when the user changes the value of the "Sales_Stage" in the opportunity.  This will allow me to know when the sales stage was last updated for reporting.

So for example on a new opportunity, I set the sales_stage to the first stage (prospects), and the date filed is set to today.  In two weeks I come back in and change the stage to "qualified" or another stage, and the date is set to today.

Using a calculated field that sets it on record save is not right, as it should only set when the sales stage changes.  And using the modified date of the opportunity is not right, as something unrelated could have changed, for example the expected close date.

Any thoughts?