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How can I give access to view all records but to edit only team records?

Question asked by Katerina Katerina on Aug 4, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2014 by Katerina Katerina
Hi everyone!
There is the task: \IN SUGAR 6.5.16 PROFESSIONAL\ to give user the permission to view all records in the system, but to edit only his Team records.
Tried to solve it by giving "Admin" acces type for the module & restricting editing setting "All". But the problem is that "All" item together with "Admin" access type gives the permission to view and edit ALL records (but not to view all records & edit only Team records).
Tried also to create another role for the same user (and the same module): access type="Normal" & Editing="All" (everything else is "Not Set"). This also does not give the needed resuls as it restricts the access so the user can view and edit only his team records.
Maybe there is someone who had the same problem?
I'll be very grateful if you share with me the experience.