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How can I get config values from js controller?

Question asked by Nick Nick on Aug 1, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2015 by raja raja
We are running Sugar 7.2.1 Pro and I can't figure out how to retrieve the values defined in the viewdefs config array. I just simply want to lookup the values of an enum field defined there using javascript.

Here is the config array within my viewdefs:
'config' => array(
    'fields' => array(
        'feed_urls' => array(
            'label' => 'Feed(s)',
             'name' => 'feed_urls',
             'type' => 'enum',
             'isMultiSelect' => true,
             'options' => array(
                 'key1' => 'value1',
                 'key2' => 'value2'
I've tried using the 'this.model.get' function, but the documentation is not clear on what to pass to it. I tried:
All of which returned undefined.

How can I get to that options array?