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No value in $bean->date_entered field, after execution of "after save" in opportunity for old records

Question asked by KD KD on Aug 1, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2014 by KD KD
Hello All,

I have created a logic hook on opportunity Module and I call the method to update a field value in opportunity record in following scenarios -  
if it is a new record or it is an old record(i.e. user is editing the existing record) then that field should be updated with "$bean->date_entered" value.
But now for new record, I am getting the value in "$bean->date_entered" field ,for old record I am not getting any value in this field.
Kindly note, in both scenario, same logic hook is calling the method.

So, kindly tell me, how can I get the value for $bean->date_entered field in "after_save" for Old records.

Thank You