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Is it possible to have an external record matching process that identifies possible duplicates, and then manual merging done in Sugar.

Question asked by Swami Kevala on Jul 29, 2014
Sugar CE v. 6.5..17

We are creating a framework for periodic batch loading of data from multiple source systems into a central master database. (We are using Talend Open Studio for data integration). A part of this system will include an automated record matching process - based on various possible sets of matching rules we define. 

Sometimes the match probability is not high enough to warrant an automatic merge, so the records need to be queued for manual inspection. I would like to know if this part could be done within Sugar CRM, using the existing merge interfaces.

I propose to add a custom field in the contact module called "suspect-match-id" (Suspected duplicate records would be assigned the same value for this field). A talend job would update this value for records which are possible merge candidates. Can I configure Sugar to provide me an interface where I can go through the list of all the suspect-match-ids and decide whether or not to merge the records - using the existing interfaces.

P.S. I am aware of the sugar dedupit module available from Atcore systems.  However, we wish to build our own version of this - which runs outside Sugar, and then syncs are master data with Sugar.