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Dropdown Dependency from a Dropdown in a Different Module

Question asked by on Jul 28, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2015 by Mary Growney
I have a custom dropdown in the Opportunities module. The field is business_segment_c and the name of the dropdown is business_segments. I have also created this custom dropdown field in the Revenue Line Items module. Field is business_segment_c, dropdown is business_segments.

Is there a way through SugarLogic in Studio for the Business Segment dropdown value in Opportunities to carry over to the related Revenue Line Items? I would use a text field, but the Business Segment dropdown in the Revenue Line Item module is the Parent Dropdown for two other custom dropdown fields.

For example: I create a new Opportunity and select "Manufacturer Services" as the Business Segment value. I save the Opportunity and then create a Revenue Line Item. I would like the Business Segment  here to automatically populate with the "Manufacturer Services" dropdown value from the Opportunity, so the user does not need to select the same value in two different places. 

I am using Enterprise 7.2.1 and am not a developer with access to the database.