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Adding a custom subpanel

Question asked by Gaelle Fernandez on Jul 28, 2014
Hello everyone!

I have a question concerning the subpanels on record view in Sugar Pro 7.2.0

i have developped a custom module, with a relationship to Accounts module.
On record view of an account, i yet have a customModule subpanel "My uncle contacts"
But i want to filter the accounts shown there by like
"select account_name from customModule where uncle = '1' "

And i want to add a second Accounts subpanel "my nephew contacts", which will contain the others, like "select account_name from customModule where nephew = '1' "

So, my questions are : 
- How to custom the Query on custom subpanels
- How to add custom subpanels to a record view?

Please give me some tips, i'm not demanding for a whole code, but just lead me on the path, please.

Thanks a lot.