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Sugar Outlook Plugin Doesn't Sync All Contacts

Question asked by Kjo* Kjo* on Jul 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2015 by sarvcrm sarvcrm
Hi There,

I'm hoping you can help with an issue that I've been stuck on for two days.

- I have the latest and greatest SugarCRM Outlook Plugin installed
on Microsoft Outlook 2013 for PC
- The SugarCRM Outlook Plugin Contacts are set to sync one
direction from SugarCRM to Outlook
- Within the SugarCRM instance, all contacts are checked
"Sync to Mail Client"

The problem I have is this:

- Only 3039 contacts sync to Outlook
- There are 4991 contacts in SugarCRM; all of which are checked 

I've tried all the obvious solutions such as syncing, re-syncing, syncing again, closing Outlook then opening Outlook and syncing and all sorts of stuff. Nothing works.

Anybody else have this issue?  Any solutions besides using my computer as Trebuchet ammunition?