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Cannot change original email "From" Name or Address

Question asked by Ralph Abernathy on Jul 27, 2014
CE 6.5.16. Initially configured a test ID of info@'', successfully sent test message. Changed Outgoing 'From' address to steve@'', successfully sent second test message with this sender address. But when composing a new message, 'From' name is "Steve (info@'') - My Settings".

I deleted the ID and re-created but no change. It seems it will not replace the original sender address name. The header at the recipient end shows an authenticated ID of steve@''. It also does not receive email sent to steve@''. The email is moving through my provider's mail server fine, same goes on an (unconnected to Sugar) Outlook client, which is disabled during this configuration.

I'm logged in as Admin, port 465, SSL, SMTP authentication. Any experience with this?
Thanks in advance.

Further researching pointed me to the system email address as being info@''. Changed it and email sent with correct name and address.