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Best Practise for using Sugar CE to Cross Sell in an outbound call centre environment

Question asked by athollt athollt on Jul 24, 2014
We're busy setting up Sugar in a call centre environment and I'm trying to understand best practise when it comes to managing work lists for Call Centre agents.  We have 2 different scenarios:
  1. New external Leads
  2. Cross/Sell to existing Accounts
I have a few questions on best practise:
  1. For new leads I can load them into the Leads module then use a Lead Status to track whether a Lead has been actioned and store the call record against the lead.  Should I link this to a Target List and a Campaign or is this only necessary if I'm doing an email campaign?
  2. For cross sell to existing Accounts what kind of record do I create to list all of the people that I want to call?  I want the Call to be recorded as Activity against the Account so it wouldn't make sense to create a new lead but I also want to track who hasn't yet been contacted yet which I can't do against the Account status. 
Any ideas?  Thanks Atholl