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sugar 7 Calls  : REALLY strange behaviors... handicaping ones

Question asked by Gaelle Fernandez on Jul 24, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2014 by Rolustech Support
Hi everybody -who are not in summer vacation-,

Working on 7.2.0 Pro,
I have a reaaaally strange behaviors of sugar for the calls module:

I want to bound accounts ANDcontacts to a call (both in the same time), so i made some customizations through studio.

1st strange Behavior :
 i have a accounts_calls 1:M relationship (which is, i think, standard one), but nothing refering to this in database (no accounts_calls table), BUT when i create a call using "related to" field and giving type = Accounts, my call appears in Accounts ' Calls subpanel. Could you explain the working of it, please?

2nd strange behavior :
With my "related to" field on Calls, i try to use an account, called "SOLUTI" with a 36 chars id (which is standard). In Editview, I've inspected the hidden field "parent_id", the right id is filled
 When i save the call, the account "related to" is blank. I've inspected the "parent_id" hidden field and it appears that the id is cut! it is the right beginning, but it do not take all the 36 chars! I've checked in database, calls.parent_id is YET set to 36 chars !
And so, on my standard "Calls" subpanel on Account, the call do not appear.
I did not developp any custom code when i saw this behavior, related to is a standard field.

3d strange behavior :
 i've added custom -via studio- related fields to Calls module, one for contacts and the second one for accounts.
On edit view, i add my contact and accounts, and it works,  check the ids, and they are good.
I save, the ids are still good on detail view and lead me to the right contact/account.
BUT when i go on ListView, and click on contact or account, it leads me to a 404 page.
i've checked the url to see which id was here and... They are ABSOLUTELY DIFFERENT IDs!

I have a lot of custom code to do, so if the standard do not work at the base, i can do just.. nothing.

Could you please bring me some lights on this, or do you think i should submit a bug to sugar?