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Zuckerreports with jasper iReport error whilst running a report not as admin

Question asked by Melanie Knight on Jul 22, 2014
I have installed zuckerreports and uploaded an iReport successfully compiling and running it in the 'on demand report' menu item, whilst logged in as an admin user. When logged in as a regular user I get the message as in picture attached, when checking the logs I get this error message

Tue Jul 22 20:29:22 2014 [22120][55079597-ef59-c750-5666-53cd062a251c][FATAL] Error retrieving zr2_ReportTemplate list:  Query Failed:  SELECT  zr2_reporttemplate.*  , LTRIM(RTRIM(CONCAT(IFNULL(jt0.first_name,''),' ',IFNULL(jt0.last_name,'')))) modified_by_name , jt0.created_by modified_by_name_owner  , 'Users' modified_by_name_mod , LTRIM(RTRIM(CONCAT(IFNULL(jt1.first_name,''),' ',IFNULL(jt1.last_name,'')))) created_by_name , jt1.created_by created_by_name_owner  , 'Users' created_by_name_mod , LTRIM(RTRIM(CONCAT(IFNULL(jt2.first_name,''),' ',IFNULL(jt2.last_name,'')))) assigned_user_name , jt2.created_by assigned_user_name_owner  , 'Users' assigned_user_name_mod , LTRIM(RTRIM(CONCAT(IFNULL(jt3.first_name,''),' ',IFNULL(jt3.last_name,'')))) modified_user_name , jt3.created_by modified_user_name_owner  , 'Users' modified_user_name_mod FROM zr2_reporttemplate INNER JOIN (select tst.team_set_id from team_sets_teams tst INNER JOIN team_memberships team_memberships ON tst.team_id = team_memberships.team_id
                                     AND team_memberships.user_id = '55079597-ef59-c750-5666-53cd062a251c'
                                     AND team_memberships.deleted=0 group by tst.team_set_id) zr2_reporttemplate_tf on zr2_reporttemplate_tf.team_set_id  = zr2_reporttemplate.team_set_id   LEFT JOIN  users jt0 ON AND jt0.deleted=0

  AND jt0.deleted=0  LEFT JOIN  users jt1 ON AND jt1.deleted=0

  AND jt1.deleted=0  LEFT JOIN  users jt2 ON AND jt2.deleted=0

  AND jt2.deleted=0  LEFT JOIN  users jt3 ON AND jt3.deleted=0

  AND jt3.deleted=0 where zr2_reporttemplate.deleted=0 ORDER BY LIMIT 0,1000: MySQL error 1054: Unknown column 'zr2_reporttemplate.team_set_id' in 'on clause'

Can anyone help?

Thanks for you looking at this