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Not-for-Profit: Use of SugarCRM to track volunteer activities

Question asked by DaveWP196 DaveWP196 on Jul 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2014 by Chris Hall
I'm new to SugarCRM, and I've searched through the various contributions but don't know if SugarCRM has the core functionality to support my needs.

Basically, I'm after a fairly out-of-box CRM solution that can be used to track the work of volunteers who provide a home-visit service to the charity's clients.  I'm expecting that some customization will be needed, but the ideal would be to used an established foundation as the basis of the solution.

The core use-cases are:

   As a charity volunteer I visit one or more clients on a regular or irregular basis.  
  • I need to record the details of each visit in a free-format basis together with time donated
  • I need to manage my schedule of visits to my clients.
  As a client, I receive visits from one or more volunteers.  

  As the charity coordinator
  • I need to view the history of visits to specific clients
  • I need to schedule volunteer visits reflecting travelling time and proximity of clients, and volunteer availability.  [I'm expecting this will be manual rather than using automated scheduling algorithms.]
  • View the calendar of home visits by client, by geographic area, by volunteer, etc
At this stage, I'm not sure if there are modules already available that will do most of the leg-work for this functionality, or if this will be a major development.  i.e.
  • Is the core functionality offered by SugarCRM suitable for my needs?
  • Can this functionality be delivered using the Community Edition version of SugarCRM, or do I need one of the paid editions?