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cannot read email body

Question asked by davea66 davea66 on Jul 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2014 by davea66 davea66
Just trying to get SugarCRM CE up and running for evaluation and all looking great apart from one part of the email functionality.
We can send emails, import group emails and automatically create tickets from them, however if  I go to my emails, I cannot see the body of the email. I just see 'loading' and a spinning icon indefinately. This is the same in the preview pane and if I open the email in a tab. Curiously, if I right click on the email and click on 'View Relationships' I can see all the text of the email.
The email content must arrive OK for it to raise a properly viewable ticket.
I was wondering if I was missing a PHP module perhaps?
Any advice is welcome!