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Changing the lead status once a lead is assigned

Question asked by Brettgorlin Brettgorlin on Jul 17, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2014 by pratik pratik
We receive leads from our website into SugarCRM 7.2.

A manager then assigns the lead to a sales representative using the mass update.
When a lead arrives, we set the lead to 'Un-Assigned' so that the manager is able to immediately view those that are not yet assigned to a salesperson.  When the assigned user is changed I require the status to change also, in this case to 'Assigned'.

I have created a work-flow which seems pretty straight forward but when I choose the option, "When a field in the target module changes to or from a specified value" the system will not allow me un-check, 'Specify new " Assigned User: " value'.

Naturally I cannot specify the new assigned user as I don't know who that will be, nor can I select all current users as it limits the selection to 8 and I do not want to re-write this rule every time we hire someone...

Why is that option permanently checked?