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Sugarcrm 7.x Enterprise deletion of custom module crashes the instance

Question asked by Jeroen Somhorst on Jul 17, 2014
I performed the following actions:
  • I created a custom module in the module builder
  • I deployed it on the same instance
  • At a certain point I wanted to remove the module, so I disabled and then uninstalled the package (including tables) in the module loader
After these steps I get fatal errors that a module cannot be found anymore. When I do a search through the instance I can see that all kinds of files are left behind in the custom/modules, custom/extension and cache folders. It seems when I comment the file custom/Extension/application/Ext/include[module_name].php that at least the instance is working again, but then i have to manually clean up the files in the custom folder.

So my question is how I can prevent this behavior from happening, so that I can construct, deploy and uninstall custom modules to my liking.

Thanks in advance!