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How to set users' passwords when importing users from spreadsheet (System-generated password disabled)

Question asked by Alvaro Alvaro on Jul 16, 2014
I'm loading a bunch of users (and their details) using 'import users' from users admin page in sugarcrm CE 6.5.16 (System-generated passwords is disabled).

After taking the spreadsheet generated by the app when exporting users, i managed to add to it both new users and new fields like email which wasn't included by default. I'm able to map this added email field into sugar webapp as the import tool has already included the email in the drop-down list presented during the import process.

I dont find any suitable field to set users password. The closest one is ['contraseña generada por el sistema' = 'System-generated password'] which expects a boolean not the password itselft.

Any tips will be highly appreciated. Regards.