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Can't upgrade using silent upgrader

Question asked by Jaume Albaig├Ęs on Jul 15, 2014

As I'm not succeeding on upgrading trough the wizard, I am trying to upgrade by using the silent upgrader. Once again, I am facing some issues and will appreciate any help, thank you.

My instance is 6.5.4 and I want to go to 6.5.17.

I just downloaded the silent upgrader util from this link available at SugarForge:

Then I unzipped the file and uploaded its content to the root folder of my SugarCRM instance.

I connected to the server through SSH, went to the CRM root folder and executed the following command:
php -f silentUpgrade.php [fullpath to root folder]/ [fullpath to root folder]/upgrade.log [fullpath to root folder] admin
In my first attemp I got a This is command-line only script error, which sounds quite strange to me as I am on a command line window through SSH.

I edited the silentUprgade.php file and commented the code that checks for command line interface. I run again the same statement and now I get:
This is command-line only script<br />
Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in silentUpgrade_step2.php on line 429<br />
***************         silentupgrade failed         ***************: 255

So, there is another command line error, which is ok because the check is done again in silentUpgrade_step2.php, but then there is this syntax error which makes no sense to me.

Why is so difficult to upgrade a SugarCRM instance?

Any ideas?

Thank you very much!