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Questions on Sugar's API regarding add/edit fields, email integration, workflow (call, email, task, reminder) and API users

Question asked by Britany Britany on Jul 15, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2014 by Jeff Bickart
I've never used the Sugar APIs before but have a client interested in using it as a platform to link to their member portal. What I did not find answers to as I reviewed the API documentation was the following:  

Is there any documentation on the fields available through the API for:
-Adding/Editing Contacts
-Adding/Editing Custom (Contact) Fields
-Adding/Editing Tasks
-Adding/Editing Notes
-Adding/Editing Calls
-Adding/Editing Meetings
-Adding/Editing Emails

-Does the Emails module POST method log an email, or does it send an email?
-Is there an API endpoint to send email through Sugar?
-Both custom emails, and email templates?
-Is it possible to flag a task, note, call, email, or meeting as being created by an inactive user via the API?
-How many API users can be created?
-Can an API user be assigned a task, note, call, email,  or meeting?