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Sugar 7 add filter for subpanel records based on parent module field

Question asked by shivam.loadedtech on Jul 14, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2014 by paperless

I am using SugarCRM Enterprise, Version 7.1.5 (Build 1173).

I have created a custom module (Projects) and have created One-to-Many relationship between "Projects" to "RevenueLineItems". (One project can have multiple revenue line items). So on "Projects" >> RecordView >> RevenueLineItes subpanel is displaying. 

Modules ::
-- Projects (Custom Module)
-- RevenueLineItems 
-- Opportunities

Relationships ::
1) Projects to RevenueLineItems (One-to-Many)
2) Opportunities to RevenueLineItems (One-to-Many)

Requirements ::

In "Projects" >> RecordView >> RevenueLineItes subpanel, display only those records where Opportunity.status="ApprovedByCustomer" (parent module)

ie would like to filter subpanel data in above manner.

Any idea as to  how above requirement can be achieved in 7.1.5 in upgrade safe manner.