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See Child notes in Parent note section

Question asked by RealDesign RealDesign on Jul 13, 2014
I have a parent account "Grower 1" (Account Type: Grower) who has multiple child accounts "Ranch 1" and "Ranch 2" (Account Type: Ranch)

When I work with the Ranch 1 directly (the child account), I want to make notes etc directly with that Ranch so when I look at Ranch 1, I see all of it's activity ... so far so good.

However, when I work with Grower 1, I want to see all the activity across all of their child accounts.

For example Ranch 1 had a service performed, and Ranch 2 had a different service performed.   When I talk to Grower 1, I want to easily see what services happened across all of their properties. I may also have notes etc that pertain to Grower 1 only

Any ideas?