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session expired error after changes to php.ini

Question asked by textrivers textrivers on Jul 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2014 by textrivers textrivers
I've searched the old and new forums without finding a good answer. My web host made a well-intentioned change to the php.ini file (increasing the memory limit to improve performance), and now none of my users are able to log into SugarCRM. Instead, they get the error "You have been logged out because your session has expired." I'm on Sugar CE 6.5.8, web host uses PHP version 5.3.

I don't know what was else changed in php.ini, but I know that more than the memory limit was changed because the sugarcrm.log file started accumulating "date.timezone" errors, which I'd fixed previously. So, I think the web host must have reverted to a default version of php.ini. All I need to know is what to change back so that we can log in again.

I set date.timezone, with no improvement. I changed the memory limit to a handful of different values, again with no improvement. By that time I had put in a help ticket with the web host and they asked me not to fiddle with php.ini any more while they're working. This is reasonable enough, but now it's hours later and no solution in sight, so I'm hoping someone here might have some insight.

Thanks in advance!!