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Exporting History from Accounts/Contacts

Question asked by Jay Jay on Jul 11, 2014
I'm trying to see if there is an "easy" way to export all calls, notes, activities, essentially the History and Activities from an Account or Contact. I know I can go to Calls, Notes, etc. individually and export them out, but I will not get the Account or Contact name, and I do not want to start cross referencing the ID's to figure out which one is for which.

I am asking this since I need paper copies of certain Account/Contact History and Activities within a time frame. I will need the names (minimum Account name) for all Notes, Calls, etc.

We do have Kinamu Reporter as an option to use. I had already dabbled some, but I did something wrong and ended up with a lot of duplication.

I can offer a more detailed explanation of the problem if needed, ie. search criteria, time frame, etc.