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create-actions.js dynamically remove option from dropdown

Question asked by Francesca Shiekh on Jul 10, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2014 by amusarra amusarra
In sugarCRM 7.2.0 I have a dropdown with legacy items in it. The display values for those items include the text "(legacy)" . I don't want those legacy items to display when creating a new record, they should however display in record view.

In 6.5.15 I would unset those legacy items in the app list strings array during in the pre display on view.edit.php for new records.

In 7.2.0 I am trying to reproduce that functionality in create-actions.js

console.log() is my new best friend and I know I'm getting to the items I want to remove by looping through the app list strings and using javascript match (see hideLegacyValues below).

I just don't know how to unset the options that i want to hide...

It seems that $('[data-name="territory_classification_c"]').options is undefined.
and there are actually no "options" as such in the source code.

Any clues as to the proper way to manipulate dropdown values in code?


   render: function()
   hideLegacyValues: function(){
     // hide legacy items from territory classification
     var territory_list = app.lang.getAppListStrings('territory_classification_list_DD');
     Object.keys(territory_list).forEach(function(key) {
        var check = territory_list[key].match(/legacy/);
           //the line below gives an ERROR