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Best practices for the products module

Question asked by lou lou on Jul 15, 2014

Hi All,

I'm currently evaluating Sugar 7 for use to replace our internal, custom CRM system.


We're a brokerage firm and I'm trying to figure out the best practices when it comes to using the products module. 


Our business model is very similar to real estate, and from what I've seen, the various custom real estate systems built upon sugar 6 have a 'listings' module which seems to replace the products module and add various fields relevant to real estate.


My question is whether in Sugar 7 we should look to build a replacement module for products to organise our listings or extend the products module.


I get the impression that the product module is focussed more on usecases where inventory is fairly static and re-sellable (e.g 100 widgets), and less useful for one-time sale 'products'?


Also, is there any way for a non admin to add products - I guess not as this is only accessible via the admin module?


Thanks for your help!